Our Official Press Release is published

7 October 2020 – Prague (Czech Republic)

Blockchain / Technology – Adult Entertainment Company KISSES TECHNOLOGY (GROUP) s.r.o., established in February 2018, www.kissestech.com: Announces exciting REVERSE ICO for their established and in use token, DEVIL´S DRAGON (DDGN). The important move taken promises a unique, multi-use crypto currency with many active live sites. Its ecosystem features decentralized revenue sharing and rewards, making this an exciting opportunity for prospective investors.

According to Investopedia, a reverse initial coin offering (ICO) is a method used by existing, established real-world businesses to issue a token to decentralize its ecosystem, raise funds, and get into cryptocurrency. These enterprises have existing products and services that cater to real-world customers, making this an exciting low-risk opportunity. This is a rarity in a climate of uncertainty that has seen the ICO environment drastically slowing in 2020. After the Golden Age of ICOs in 2017 and 2018, when there had been many failed attempts to issue tokens which were in full working order, this announcement offers hope.

Devil´s Dragon promises to be a serious game changer as it offers many innovative ideas already implemented and working on Live Mainnet. What sets Devil´s Dragon (DDGN) apart is that it begins with a REVERSE ICO but has no plans to remain as such, as there are many sites and two important side products. The first is a Content Delivery Crowd Funding Network, a content sharing platform with expansive communication features. The second is a YouTube-like Video Streaming Platform with many intriguing and innovative features. Both rely on DDGN as their lifeblood meaning that it is intrinsic to their continuation, and both promote reward systems working exclusively with DDGN.

The company has completed a private sale for 5% of the tokens in August. And now, on the 15th of October, their main sale commences for 55% of the total supply, this will be available via their partner BEST RATE and investors will be able to join the ICO via Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, EOS and other currencies like USDT, including FIAT currencies like USD and Euro, too.

With fully functioning products, emerging projects supporting and promising to work with DDGN, a solid foundation has been established. Important steps have been taken in their roadmap to success, with their company structure supporting their clear diversification. With a clear focus, along with a reliance on tokenomics, DDGN presents itself as an exciting proposition with a promising future. More about it and its ecosystem with partners and side projects can be found on their site: www.devilsdragon.com

Important information can also be found at the Devil´s Dragon (DDGN) live news and updates blog that has been running since July and which has acquired over 8000 users by the beginning of October: www.devilsdragon.com/blog

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